Local softball players go national

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JEFFERSON CITY - Tasia Green and Camryn Sharp live an hour apart and are separated in age by a year, but they share a common interest: softball. 

The girls play for Twisted Fastpitch, a club team based out of Jefferson City. 

Camryn is a defensive-minded third baseman. Tasia, who plays the opposite side of the field at first base, originally said her biggest strength was defense until her dad quipped, "I'd go back and check that."

"Fine," Tasia said. "Mine would be hitting."

As teammates on the corners, and under the guidance of their dads, Tasia and Camryn led Twisted Fastpitch to a 52-7 record last season, combining to drive in 85 runs and score 96 times. Both girls hit above .500 and combined for a staggering 2.836 OPS. 

“We make a good team because we’re both corners," Tasia said. "We have good communication.”

Their parents found out online about tryouts for the USSSA Elite Select Futures All American Games, held in numerous locations including Kansas City. Twisted Fastpitch had a tournament that weekend, so in April the families made a trip to Des Moines, Iowa.

Temperatures of about 45 degrees didn't stop Tasia and Camryn from heating up, as they were both selected to represent their region in Kissimmee, Florida, on the Central American Team, along with 11 other girls from eight different states.

The girls found out while coming back from Tasia's brother's district baseball game.

"We had to slow down and pull over," said Tasia's dad, Adam Green. "Just to make sure we heard it right."

Camryn said they were all "kind of speechless."

"We didn’t really know what to say about it, but we were super excited,” she said.

The girls begin play on Tuesday. Traveling with them to the games will be their coaches from ‘Twisted Fastpitch,’ who also happen to be their dads, Adam Green and Scott Sharp.

It’s going to be a new experience for the families, but especially for the dads who will have to shift their roles.

“I may get a little bit loud," Green said. "I know we tend to get a little bit loud every once in awhile."

Both girls said they would like to teach in some capacity in the future like their dads. 

“It’s nice to teach people and help them understand,” Tasia said.

Green said he expects both girls to do well.

“When both of them put their mind to it, they can play some ball,” he said.