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WARDSVILLE - All around St. Stanislaus School there are signs of Carole Hirsch, the beloved music teacher. And all around Hirsch's music room there are signs of the St. Louis Cardinals. She loved the baseball team and dreamed of someday taking her students to sing at a game.

When Ms. Hirsch passed away in December from cancer, some of her fellow teachers decided to make her dream a reality. Thursday, at the Cardinals game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, students from St. Stanislaus will take the field during the seventh inning stretch to sing 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame.'

"She will be there with us in spirit, along with about 400 other people," St. Stanislaus School principal Nancy Heberlie said.

This may be the culmination of Hirsch's dream, but it's not the first time the school has honored her. On April 11, this year's Cardinals' home opener, the school hosted 'Carole Hirsch Day' in the gymnasium.

The school also raffled off most of the Cardinals memorabilia Hirsch had in her classroom to the students. Heberlie said she had enough in her classroom for each student to get something to remember their music teacher by.

 "We made it through that difficult time, and then we knew that at some point we would have to celebrate her life and this has been a real wonderful expression of her life," Heberlie said.