Locals comment on democratic debate

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COLUMBIA – Boone County Democrats held a viewing party Wednesday to watch Democratic candidates for president debate for the first time.

Ten candidates faced off for the first part of the debate. The other ten will debate Thursday.

The two-hour event covered the candidate’s views on several issues including health care, immigration, taxes and climate change.

People from across mid-Missouri flocked to Shakespeare’s Pizza to watch the debate.

Executive Committee chair for the  Boone County Democrats , Lyra Noce said they are watching the race closely but are not endorsing anyone yet.

“A lot of Democrats in our community haven’t decided yet who they would like to see be president and I think that’s normal and perhaps opinions will change as this process continues,” Noce said.

A student Kara Cheslock came to the watch party and said she wants to be more involved in this year’s election now that she is old enough to vote.

“This election is very important to me because I want to make sure I’m putting my name and my vote behind a candidate that I fully support,” Cheslock said.

David Mallory said it’s important to spend time to get to know those running for president.

“In the last election I just went out and voted and I was disappointed in the way the outcome came so I thought maybe I’ll find out more things I can do this time to help influence this election,” Mallory said.

Several people who watched said they are expecting an interesting debate on wednesday. The watch party for the next set of candidates will be at Shakespeare’s South in Columbia.