Locals React to JC District\'s Plan To Build New High School

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JEFFERSON CITY - Community members and students had mixed feelings Tuesday about Jefferson City Public Schools' plan to build a new high school.

Amber Brown is a senior at Jefferson City High and said she and her parents are excited that her younger siblings will have a new school to attend. 

"I think it's a really good idea its going to open a lot of opportunities for people [going to college] college," Brown said. 

However, not all parents agree. 

"I've heard a lot of parents are really angry because it's going to cost a lot more in taxes," Brown said. 

One local parent said whether or not the new school is built will determine where her children attend high school once they become old enough.

"I would seriously consider private school if they still have the old building," Beth McGeorge said. 

McGeorge said renovating the old school would be a waste of money and the new school is the best option. However, she also said this will be a tough issue to sell to voters because of the nature of the economy.

"The timing will be crucial," McGeorge said, "People will need to get that they are investing in the community and the future of their kids." 

Superintendent Brian Mitchell announced Monday Jefferson City Public School purchased land near the new St. Mary's Health Center off Highway 179. The district plans to divide the high school into multiple academy buildings and also include new athletic and extracurricular fields. 

The district expects to see the issue on the ballot in April.