Longest Day

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COLUMBIA - Residents of Lenoir Woods Senior Living and their families listened to live music during the Father's Day buffet as part of the first annual Longest Day Celebration in the area.

Longest Day Celebration is a nation-wide event through the Alzheimer's Association to help raise money and awareness about Alzheimer's disease. Columbia held its first celebration Sunday.

Administrator of Assisted Living Penny Worthley said the coincidence of the event falling on Father's Day is beneficial for the cause.

"It gives us the opportunity to actually share and educate in regards to Alzheimer's disease to more people," Worthley said.

Alzheimer's Association said in its 2015 report the disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and someone is diagnosed every 67 seconds.

Worthley said Lenoir Woods decided to team up with the Alzheimer's Association after learning about the celebration a few months ago.

Lenoir Woods' 40-bed Memory Care Center tends to residents with any type of Dementia, and Alzheimer's is the most prevalent. Worthley said it was important to have the celebration in proximity to residents and family members.

"It really hits home with a lot of our residents and members here in the community," Worthley said.

A goal of $1,800 was set by Lenoir Woods employees. The goal was at 67 percent percent early Sunday afternoon.

Certain event participation required a fee and "Forget Me Not" notes were sold and hung along the walls in memory of loved ones.

Other events included a penny war, a sunrise service with donuts and juice and live music during a Father's Day buffet. The final activity was a barbecue in the Community Center at 4:30 p.m.