Longest Living Quadriplegic Still Fighting for her Life

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COLUMBIA - A woman known as the 90-pound Heavyweight has spent the last eight months fighting for her life.

Back in April, a driver struck 84-year-old Janet Barnes, the longest living quadraplegic, while she was crossing College Avenue and Windsor Street. Her daughter Angela said her mother almost lost her life.

"Everything was broken just broken just about arm, neck, back leg, pelvis, ankles you name it she broke it."

Barnes's condition has changed several times in the past few months but daughter Angela says her mother is getting better.

"My mom asked her doctor honestly, how am I doing? And he said, all bones healed," said Angela Barnes.

Janet Barnes moved to a hospital in Illinois a few months ago where Medicare will pay to keep her on a ventilator full time. Angela Barnes says the family is awaiting Janet Barnes surgery.

"She's doing pretty good, preventative antibiotics until she has surgery in January this is the most fearful upcoming event. The surgery (is) grave and they will need to go in through her back, the kidney stone is quite large and it will make a new wound."

Angela said the family is anxious for the holidays becuase it is a perfect time to keep the family in good spirits.

"I'm asking for Christmas cards, I'm asking for people to remember mother. Take time to send her a greeting...just let her know you care," said Angela Barnes.

If you would like to reach out to the Barnes family, visit the 90-pound heavyweight Facebook page or a the web page HeartsSpokenWords.com for more information.