Looking for a Super Start

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Lincoln football team begins their season saturday against Avila. It's the team's first game under new head coach Mike Jones. And Jones' path has been more super than others. One play can define a game, a season, and a legacy.

"For people knowing me as a player, NFL player, and being able to win a SuperBowl and being an integral part about that, it feels great."

But Mike Jones wants to be known for his work off the field, too.

"Now I'm in a different phase of my life, I'm a coach now."

Last winter, the Lincoln Blue Tigers hired Jones to revive a program that had lost 20 out of their last 22 games. Blue Tiger player Ohara Fluellen knows how it felt to struggle in the last couple of seasons.

"Well, we were always the underdogs. No one looked at us as being good."

"When they seen us on the schedule they thought it was a stat game," said Cecil Frinson

The Blue Tigers want to hit the ground running much like Jones when he played his first game on national television.

"The hole was as big as this sidewalk right here. And I trip off my feet and fall. So I'm like aww, you gotta be an idiot."

But he's not talking about the NFL or playing linebacker.

"I get the ball and I take off, there's a big hole and I run through it. And they have a safety come up on me and I run through the safety and get a touchdown."

Thats right, Jones was a running back...at Mizzou. So why did he change to linebacker?

"Your senior year, your coach fills out a questionnaire about what you can do. And my position coach at the time said I'd be a very average running back in the NFL, if I made a team but he thought I'd be a great linebacker."

His coach may have been right, but now Jones has another issue to tackle, winning games at Lincoln.