Love Never Dies

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COLUMBIA - At the Activity and Recreation Center in Columbia you will find plenty of young people working out. But if you head to one corner you'll find Owen and Eska Vaughan. In fact you can find the 80 and 81-year old working out at 6:30 in the morning every Monday through Friday.

"We're moaning Monday, we're terrible Tuesday, we're weak Wednesday, we're tired Thursday, and it's Thank God it's Friday," Eska said.

Owen uses the elliptical exercise bike for 30 minutes each day and Eska for 20.

"Well I don't think either one of us would do it if we weren't supporting each other and doing it together. It makes it more fun. We're kind of hooked at the hips," Eska said.

Owen would never have imagined doing this workout at this age. But he ended up having to. The couple first began this workout three years ago after Owen had a stroke.

"I'll tell you I probably wouldn't be able to function very good if I didn't do all this exercise here," Owen said.

As for slowing down, well that's not likely.

"My parents lived in the 90s, his dad lived into the 90s so I'm hoping we'll be over here when we're 91," Eska said.

Last week they celebrated 61 years of marriage, but just like it was 61 years ago the two have always been on the same page except for when it comes to one big detail.

"I guess there's one thing that we've fought on and never agreed about and that was who loved each other the most," Eska said.