Low Wage Jobs are On the Rise

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COLUMBIA- The job market is doing a very good job by recovering from the recession but most of the jobs that are being created are low- wage jobs. During the recovery, low- wage jobs grew 2.7 times as fast as mid- wage and higher- wage occupations.

Of the 58% of the jobs created during the recovery, most have been low wage positions, according to a new report by the National Employment Law Project. Only 22% have been mid- wage jobs and 20% higher- wage occupations.

Low- wage jobs pay $13.83 an hour or less.

Low wage occupations that grew the most include:
• Retail salespersons
• Food preparation workers
• Laborers and Freight workers
• Waiters and Waitresses
• Personal and home care aides
• Office Clerks and Representatives

In Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon and his opponent Dave Spence have made a priority to make sure jobs in Missouri are the most important aspect in their campaign.

Gov. Nixon's job-creation strategy has focused on:
• Maintaining Missouri's perfect AAA credit rating by balancing the budget without raising taxes;
• Training Missouri students and workers for the high-demand jobs of the future;
• Investing in science, technology and innovation;
• Lowering taxes for small businesses and helping them access the capital they need to create jobs;
• Expanding exports by helping Missouri businesses sell their goods overseas;
• Aggressively recruiting new employers and helping existing businesses expand

The man running against Nixon for the state's highest position has a plan to create jobs as well.

"My approach to economic growth and development is simple and based on my 27 years of experience creating jobs in the private sector. As governor I would create a business and regulatory environment where job creators can thrive. Litigation reform, regulatory reform, and providing tax certainty are job-creating policies I will promote. Government needs to get out of the way and off the backs of job creators," said Spence.

Missouri used to be the 49th in the nation for small start up jobs now the state ranks number six. The US Chamber of Commerce ranked Missouri the seventh best state in the nation to do business.