Luebbert Recognizes a Power On and Off the Field

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City football player Kody Walker is regarded as one of the top running backs in the state but one of Walker's blockers whose following includes more than just running backs.

Tyler Luebbert is a starting guard for the Jefferson City Jays.

Strength is part of what makes him a leader because he doesn't just lift weights, he lifts spirits.

He was born with a passion for football.

"Started out young with my dad. It's why I go to Jefferson City HS because he wants me to play for the best team," said Tyler Luebbert.

He's played on the varsity since his sophomore year and now he's opening holes for one of the best rushing offenses in the state.

Coach Ted LePage said, "Tyler's attention to detail is about as good as anyone I've ever coached. Technique savvy. What I mean is if you show him a technique he's going to do everything in his power to use that technique."

"It was just being an offensive lineman, being and hog and that's the job," said Luebbert.

He knows a lot about power. A higher power plays a major role in his life.

"I got called to ministry at a young age. Kind of wrestled with it. I still had dreams of going somewhere with football or stuff like that... Normal kids' dreams," said Luebbert.

He got the calling when he was nine years old, but didn't fully accept it until his freshman year in high school.

"I just felt God speaking to me and telling me this is what I needed to do. This is what I've called you to do. Nothing else... This is you," said Luebbert.

"His mission in life is very plain, very simple and he's going to do a great job of it. The other thing is he's a really good football player and a great teammate," said Coach LePage.

He's also a missionary. This summer he spent four weeks working with youth AIDS victims in South Africa.

Luebbert said, "It was life changing. Saw amazing things. Saw healings, saw miraculous things."

He leads his own ministry called "NOW". It's organized and led by students.

The senior lineman said, "God spoke to me and said the time is now. You have been given this position for this time and that's where the name came from so it has a lot of meaning."

Luebbert leads a life of compassion. It's Something he's working on losing when he gets between the lines.

"He can not turn on a mean streak. He's got a little bit of one, but we call it playing on an edge," said Coach LePage.

"I don't have that thing inside of me that I'm nasty all the time. It takes me a lot more energy and a lot more effort to do that," said Luebbert.

But effort is never an issue. Luebbert is on a mission to change lives.

"Showing people there is a life changing power inside of them. It is a change agent. It is something that will totally change you from the inside out," said Luebbert.

Luebbert follows the lead of his uncle, who is also in the ministry.

The "NOW" ministry is on Thursday's at 6 P.M. in the Jefferson City High School Little Theater.

Tyler celebrated his 18th birthday on Friday night with a Jays win against Park Hill.