MACC Columbia Campus to Grow to Meet Demand

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COLUMBIA - The Moberly Area Community College Columbia Campus has plans to lease new space and build an addition at its facility in Parkade Center. The Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis at the University of Missouri (OSEDA) said since 2009, MACC's enrollment has gone up by more than 34 percent.

MACC Columbia Campus Director Amy Frey said "The high number of students at the Columbia location is due to the big need for a community college. The next community college would be in Sedalia."

Frey said the college will expand by almost 16,000 square feet or 40 percent of its current space to put class rooms. She said this space was important to continue the growth of the school.

MACC student Nathan Smith said, "MACC is important because it helps a lot of people out, and gets a lot of people's feet wet that were not used to the college idea or not really sure if they wanted to go for four years."

The MACC Columbia Campus will add the subject area of "mechatronics," which is the combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, and computer engineering.