Macon Businesses Promise New Jobs

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MACON - Governor Jay Nixon visited Macon Friday morning to announce 62 new jobs. Three companies--Wyatt Enterprises, Yutz Agri Systems, and Economy Products--have pledged to do the hiring within the next five years. Wyatt plans to hire 10 new employees, Yutz will hire 17 and Economy will hire 35. Wyatt has already hired two employees within the last six months.

"We can add new employees as well as keep the ones we had. It's just been a bad thing that turned out good," owner Donny Wyatt said.

The executive director of Macon County Economic Development, Denise Bennett, is also excited about the economic boost new jobs are bringing.

"We've had some pretty tough hits lately with the closing of our MoDOT District 2, and these jobs are something that we look forward to. They are very necessary in this economy," Bennett said.

In return for the new jobs, the state is adding $10,000 for each in a community development block grant to the city of Macon. That makes $620,000 in all. The grant financed new pavement along Nixon Industrial Boulevard to help business expansion.

"If you've got a nice road to drive on, it certainly encourages people to come back. In some cases it's necessary for larger equipment and trucks to even get to those places of businesses," State Representative Tom Shively, D-Shelbyville, said.

In addition to creating new jobs, the companies are also making a combined capital investment of $2.5 million into the local economy.