Make-A-Wish Employee with Mid-Missouri Ties Talks About \"Batkid\"

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COLUMBIA - Thousands of people in San Francisco turned out to make one boy's superhero dream come true on Friday, and a man with Missouri ties helped put the action together.

Josh DeBerge, a University of Missouri alum and a former KOMU weathercaster and reporter is now a communications manager for the Make-A-Wish foundation. DeBerge and the organization helped 5 year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott realize his dream of being Batman.

Miles' day started when the San Francisco police chief called him to rescue a damsel in distress who was tied to the railroad tracks. Then Miles sped off in the batmobile to foil the Riddler's attempt to rob a bank, followed by a car chase, where Miles tracked down and saved the San Fransisco Giants' mascot.

DeBerge and the Make-A-Wish foundation expected to have about 100 volunteers to help make Miles' wish come true, but instead 11,000 people showed up.

"We knew it would be big but driving down the streets of San Francisco today, seeing the response to 'Batkid' and Miles, it's just been absolutely incredible," Deberge said. "I've been with Make-A-Wish for two years and certainly have not seen anything like this."

Some people may not be able to handle the stress of saving an entire city, but DeBerge said Miles is having the time of his life.

"I had a chance to talk to him during lunch, and he's loving it! He has really kind of embraced his role in saving the city of San Francisco," DeBerge said. "He said his favorite part today was capturing the Riddler in the bank vault and throwing him in jail."

But the biggest victory for Miles? His luekemia is in remission.

If you want to get involved with Make-A-Wish projects in Missouri, click here.