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MOBERLY - Some Missourians have forgot about the failed Project Sugar in Moberly, but the Missouri legislature has not. 

The House and Senate Government Oversight and Accountability committee met multiple times to determine what went wrong with the project. The House ended up publishing eight recommendations for the Department of Economic Development aimed to change the culture within the department. 

"We filed a bill to put a bunch of them together.  That bill is House Bill 1865.  It says the department must do a better job of sharing information with communities they are trying to pitch these economic development projects to," said House committee chairman Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City. 

The bill also requires higher standards for criminal and financial background checks for developmental projects. House Bill 1865 just passed out of the rules committee and is waiting to see the House floor. 

Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, also proposed a bill that would require a general vote of the people to use tax dollars on private companies.  He said this would make people examine the companies closer and could help cure some of the carelessness that occured with Mamtek. 

The Missouri House also added another provision in this year's budget to help carelessness within the DED. 

"We passed an amendment to the budget that sets aside $50,000 for the DED to hire a due dilligence officer whose sole job is to make sure companies are complying with our standards for due diligence," Barnes said. 

Moberly's Mayor Bob Riley is still hopeful the project will not turn out to be a total failure. 

"We are working with a number of different companies. Hopefully, someone will come and finish that plant," Riley said.