Man Accused of Killing Ex-Girlfriend and Husband Stands Trial

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JEFFERSON CITY - Four years after the murder of Angela and Rodney Gilpin, their accused murderer, David Hosier, is on trial in Cole County. The Gilpin's were found shot to death in Angela's apartment on September 28, 2009. Hosier is Angela Gilpin's ex-boyfriend.

Prosecuting attorney Mark Richardson called Dennis Prenger, Angela and Hosier's landlord, to testify Monday during the first day of the trial. Prenger said Angela wrote him a letter expressing her concerns that Hosier would break into her apartment and had asked for a different apartment. Prenger said he wrote her back asking her to stay after she had changed her locks. Angela Gilpin did not move.

Prenger also said Hosier had done "odd jobs" at the apartment complex and had keys to the apartment building at 1100 West High St.

Jefferson City Police were called to Angela Gilpin's apartment at 4:52 a.m. Prenger said he gave the police the letter between Angela and him, the criminal background check of Hosier and said Hosier's vehicle was missing at that time.

The jury was shown an Oklahoma Highway Patrol video of the what Captain Jason Holt called a  "moderate speed" chase involving Hosier the same day as the murders. In the video the jurors saw Hosier refusing to stop and get out of the vehicle and police and patrolmen physically taking him out of his car and onto the ground.

Jurors looked a pictures of guns, pocket knives, cash, a large flashlight and a bullet proof vest, all found in Hosier's car after the chase.


Richardson also introduced evidence including:

  • The victim's apartment door that showcased bullet holes along with the dry wall by the door that also had bullet holes
  • The victim's clothes (kept in bag)
  • Forty pictures of the crimes scene

The trial will resume Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the Cole County Courthouse.