Man accused of shooting at Ashland police charged with attempted escape from jail

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COLUMBIA -- A man charged with shooting at an Ashland Police officer will be going to court tomorrow on charges for attempted jail escape. Eusebio Barajas-Real was taken into custody on Dec. 19 and charged with first-degree assault, resisting arrest and armed criminal action.

According to Boone County Sergeant Brian Leer, deputies responded to a possible vandalism call at 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 14. According to a probable cause statement submitted by Deputy Steven Verble, Barajas-Real broke off a towel bar in his holding cell to dig an escape and use against other detainees.

Leer called the escape attempt "lackluster." 

"Situations like these are rare and this incident was detected fairly quickly," said Leer. "Our officers make multiple rounds throughout the day so they didn't have any real chance of getting very far."

Leer said detainee William Templeton Jr. assisted Barajas-Real in the attempted escape. Templeton was charged with first-degree robbery early February.

Barajas-Real and Templeton will faces charges on Feb. 18 in regards to possession of a weapon, damage to jail property and attempted escape.