Man arrested in connection with Boone County Fire

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BOONE COUNTY - Boone County Deputies arrested a man Thursday morning in connection with a fire on Wednesday in Boone County.

Boone County Detective Tom O'Sullivan said deputies arrived at the scene of the fire around 1:40 a.m. Thursday morning and saw the man inside the damaged RV he allegedly set on fire Wednesday morning.

The man would not come out, so authorities had to break into the RV to capture him. Upon entry, deputies took the man into custody without much resistance. The suspect was also unarmed.

According to O'Sullivan, this is not the first time they believe the suspect returned to the RV. They responded to a 911 call on Wednesday morning that he returned to the scene, but when they arrived, he had already fled into the woods.

It was because of this return trip that O'Sullivan said deputies were able to catch the suspect.

"I think the officers thought that he might return there, it being the middle of the night, and he had gone back there earlier Wednesday morning, so the officers did good work. They thought it was worth a shot to go and see if he'd returned out there. The trailer is basically inhabitable as a result of the fire, but it was probably better than laying out in the woods all night," he said.

After deputies took the suspect into custody, he made some concerning statements, so they took him to University Hospital for evaluation.

The suspect has not been booked or officially charged, so his name hasn't been released.

O'Sullivan said the suspect could be charged with arson, property damage, domestic abuse, stealing and animal abuse.