Man fights through frozen lake to save his dog 2

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COLUMBIA - A man is recovering Friday after he jumped into a frozen lake to save the life of his dog, Bleua.

Zachary Helmich said he didn't think twice before jumping into the lake after his dog fell in chasing geese into the center of the lake.

"I let her go for like five seconds to see if she could get out and get back on the ice but she couldn't," Helmich said. "So, I stripped off all of my clothes and got down into my underwear and jumped off the dock. I jumped in and started making my way toward her beating myself through the ice."

Helmich had been taking care of Bleua for three days when she went into the lake.

Helmich jumped in to the lake and then fought his way to the center to save his dog.

"I didn't want her to drown, so that was the main point of me getting out there," Helmich said. "She's a great dog. I would've probably done it for any person's dog or any person."

Neighbor Eric Dunn sprung into action to save the life of a man he didn't know.

Dunn said his dog, Daisy, started "freaking out" which caused him to look outside to see Helmich in the freezing water. 

Dunn grabbed his kayak and ran it to the lake. Helmich said he used Dunn's kayak to pull himself up onto the dock. 

Helmich said he's really sore and pretty banged up today but he and Bleua are fine.

Helmich and Dunn decided to grab drinks together this evening to celebrate their good health.