Man in custody for double homicide posted forewarning on Facebook

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JEFFERSON CITY - New information of Wednesday night's double homicide investigation reveals chilling Facebook posts from police's key suspect in the days leading up to the attack.

Police arrested 27-year-old Brandon Rapier around 11 Thursday morning in a park close to the investigation.

The motive behind the case could date back several years. Rapier pleaded guilty to stabbing his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend in September 2014.

But police say it's too soon to comment on whether the 2014 case and Wednesday's case are related.

"We have a history of knowing what we say before we say it, and we believe that's fair to all families and all persons involved," Jefferson City Police Captain Doug Shoemaker said.

Just two days before the attack, Rapier asked this question on his Facebook page, "If you caught your friend that you would never betray in bed with your x that you loved to absolute death (after a month's time).... How would you react? What would you do?" 

Rapier posted what appeared to be a photo of himself holding a knife to a phone on Monday with the caption, "Me wanting to stab people through the phone. Stab stab stab!"

Rapier ended his slew of disturbing Facebook posts Wednesday morning, writing, "A god among men, of either light or dark, whichever makes no difference to me. I will have it no other way. I am judge, jury, and my favorite, executioner."

Rapier has faced other charges in the past five years, including assault, property damage, stalking and now possibly murder.

In May 2015, Rapier was sentenced to three years incarceration at the Department of Corrections for the 2014 stabbing case. Rapier was released from prison since then.

Police said Rapier was sent to an area hospital when they found him for what seemed to be self-inflicted wounds. Shoemaker said police will bring Rapier back to the police department for questioning after he is released from the hospital. Rapier has not been officially charged with murder at this point.