Man Pleads Guilty To Fatal 2012 Wreck

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COLUMBIA - Spencer M. Gordon pleaded guilty Monday for killing a woman and leaving a man in a coma after he crashed his car into their truck in 2012.

Gordon said in his testimony Monday, he drank several beers before driving his 2000 Volkswagen Beetle around midnight on Dec. 6, 2012. The 2012 investigation by the Columbia Police Department revealed Gordon, who was 20 at the time, drove southbound on Providence Road near the Hickson Creek Bridge before he lost control of his vehicle and struck Michael Tufts' truck. Both vehicles lost control, but the truck struck the center median barrier and overturned several times. Columbia Police said Gordon's car spun, but did not overturn.

Passenger Michelle Morrow, 24, and the driver Michael Tufts, 22, were ejected from the Ford F-150. Morrow died the next day at University Hospital. Tufts remains in a coma. A third passenger, John Kalogeris, 21, was also injured.

Gordon pleaded guilty to one charge of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of assault before his family and the victim's families at Boone County Courthouse Monday.

The state recommended Gordon receive a seven year sentence. After the recommendation, Gordon's lawyer recommended the judge consider a 559 Treatment Plan.

If Gordon receives a 559 Treatment Plan, a judge would review a report from the Department of Corrections after Gordon is incarcerated for 120 days. The judge can then decide if he will be released on probation or finish his sentence. There is no guarantee a judge will consider the report, but the option is possible.

The case was initially scheduled to be heard by Boone County Circuit Judge Gary Oxenhandler, but before hearing the case, the judge recused himself because he knew the Murrow family. Boone County Circuit Judge Christine Carpenter heard the case in his place.

Gordan is scheduled to be sentenced June 2nd.