Man who lost house in Boone County fire calls it overwhelming

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday morning, the Boone County Fire Protection District responded to a residential house fire on North Boothe Lane. 
"When first initial crews arrived on the scene had fire through the roof of the single level occupant home," says Assistant Chief for the Boone County Fire Protection District, Gale Blomenkamp.
According to Blomenkamp, crews were able to quickly determine that the home was unoccupied and that nobody was living there at the time. 
"Crews were able to make a partial entry into the structure," says Blomenkamp. "However with the full attic involvement we moved crews and went to a defensive operation."
This means that firefighters were brought out of the interior of the home in order to ensure their safety once they had determined there were no life safety issues to be taken care of.
KOMU 8 News spoke with the owner of the home, Joe Vaughn, who said he purchased the home two weeks ago. He said he was working to renovate the house. 
"I have no idea where to go," says Vaughn. "I'm overwhelmed, a lot going on, small family owned business, trying to keep that running versus trying to deal with things like this."
Vaughn says that he had been working on the home for a week now with family and friends, "trying to clean it up and get it presentable."
"I started work this morning at about 4:45, headed up to the shop to get everything ready for the guys and got a call from my tenant at about 5:15 that the house was on fire and flames were coming out of the roof," says Vaughn.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.