Manhole Repairs

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COLUMBIA - The city will work on several manholes downtown to bring them back to street level.

The City of Columbia Sewer Utility will begin work at 6 a.m. on 9th Street north of Broadway. The department plans on working on three manholes per day Thursday, June 8 to Wednesday, June 14, weather permitting.

"The work should be done around 9 or 10. But then the asphalt needs to settle and dry until about 1 in the afternoon," said Patricia Hayles, Community Relations Specialist for Columbia Water and Light.

The repairs will update the manholes and raise them up to street level.

"Over time, the natural wear and tear of the manhole itself and the pavement around it, it wears down. So, the reason we are doing so many is some projects we are prepping for road work that is coming up. Others we are bringing them up to the level of the street. So, some of them have sunken over time," she said. 

According to Hayles, the work should have a small impact on traffic. 

"There will be no road closures, or lane closures, but the crews will be guiding traffic around the construction." 

The project is supposed to fix anywhere from ten to fifteen manholes between south of Walnut Street to University Avenue.  

The project expected schedule to follow this schedule:

Thursday, June 8 - North of Broadway on 9th Street 

Friday, June 9 - South of Broadway on 9th street 

Monday, June 12 - Paquin Street 

Tuesday, June 13 - Locust Street

Wednesday, June 14 - Corner of 9th and University Avenue