Manhunt continues for man accused in Osage Co. domestic assault

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OSAGE COUNTY - After a two day manhunt spanning multiple counties, Jeremy Holweg is now in custody. Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon said authorities found Holweg in Eureka, Mo. Holweg escaped deputy custody Wednesday while being placed in a patrol car.

Tom Wille, sergeant with the Eureka Police Department, said Holweg was in Walmart when he realized authorities found him. Holweg then walked from Walmart to Imo's Pizza. Sheriff Michael Dixon arrested Holweg at Imo's Pizza.  

Dixon said Holweg was involved in a serious domestic assault of a woman in her Linn home, where he wielded a knife and gun. The assault took place after a burglary attempt at the home.

Holweg ran away and deputies chased him briefly before he was able to escape. Initially, ground and aerial forces were dispatched to the area, but those efforts were unsuccessful.

"We received some information that basically led us to believe we need to focus our efforts on other areas," Dixon said.

The Osage County Sheriff's Office worked with the Eureka Police Department to catch Holweg.  

Dixon said they had a solid lead they were acting on.

[Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect current information.]