Manufacturing in Mid-Missouri Sees Growth Despite Reported Pullbacks

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COLUMBIA - A new economic forecast released Monday stated durable goods producers in Missouri continue to report very healthy growth. However, nondurable goods manufacturers, such as food and clothing manufacturers, are said to be experiencing pullbacks in economic activity.

But not every clothing manufacturer in Missouri reported having pullbacks in their business.

Artistic Director and Flying Cow Company Store Manager Camron Wade said being a Columbia business may be one of the reasons her store is bucking the trend.

"Just being so close to campus has been a huge help. Because I know some other ones that have been kind of dwindling, just because of where they are at. So, I think location is a big factor," Wade said.

Wade said the economy did affect her business in 2008, with the onset of the crisis, but she says that over the past two to three years, she's seen business start to boom again.

But the success does not seem to be limited to just Columbia.

Stephen Franke, CEO of Midwest Gloves and Gear in Chillicothe, said he sees domestic production as a huge factor to his company's success.

""A lot of our customers support it because they think it is important for the economy, we support it because it provides jobs for our community workers," Franke said.

Wade also says she sees domestic production playing a role in how she is able to operate her business as well.

"There's more companies we work with that are trying to go that route, which has actually helped us offer more options of different types of apparel," Wade said.

The economic forecast also said businesses linked to agriculture continue to be negatively influenced by the 2012 drought. It was also reported that new jobs added for the final quarter of 2012 will be less than one-fourth the amount of the jobs added in the first quarter of 2012.