Many Vandalism Reports in West Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A few neighborhoods off of Scott Boulevard in West Columbia have been plagued by vandalism the past couple of weeks. This week, three homes on Silver Throne Drive, a small block in the Stone Ridge Estates area, were vandalized. Decorative bricks used to garnish trees were thrown through the front windows of the three homes. Mailboxes were damaged. Three lamp posts were dug up and scattered across the street. It occurred at around 2 am on Sunday.

Several neighbors on the block thought the lamp posts were knocked over by wind, but after discovering the damage done to the homes, they realized it was an act of vandalism. Surrounding neighborhoods such as Quail Creek and the Hamlet reported several incidents of vandalism such as damaged mailboxes, and knocked down street signs. Community members   also reported vandalism in Louisville Park, where benches were thrown into the lake.

Officer Todd Alber with the Columbia Police department says vandalism in town is common. "What's uncommon about this situation is that bricks were thrown through windows, that's something I haven't seen in years." Alber says vandalism is usually done by bored, unsupervised juveniles. "We're stepping up enforcement in that area" said Alber.

Anyone with any information regarding these incidents should contact the Columbia Police Department.

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