"March for our Lives" isn't just for students

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COLUMBIA – People across the nation are taking a stand for greater gun control. In Columbia, residents participated in the “March for our Lives” event Saturday to demonstrate their frustrations.

Sophomore Rachael Erickson organized the event and said she learned a lot from the amount of people that showed up, despite the less than stellar weather.

"It shows me that Missouri is going to be fine. We're going to be fine," Erickson said. "We have the power, we have the motivation to do this." 
What motivated people to march varies.
Olivia Taylor, an 8th grader in Jefferson City, said she noticed changes in her school routine she isn't comfortable with. 
"Instead of talking about how to change the gun laws within school, we start to change how we are protecting ourselves in school and there's something wrong with that," Taylor said. 
Josette Savidge is a mother of a young boy. She marched for her son's future.
"I don't want to have him grow up in a place where this is still continuing," Savidge said. "It happened when I was a senior in high school, that's when Columbine happened, and it just doesn't need to continue." 
Savidge empathizes with the younger generation of students that are facing what she did years ago.   
"Nobody should go to school and feel like they are going to have their lives taken from them," she said. "It just doesn't need to happen." 
Savidge's advice to anyone afraid to speak out is simple. 
"We are here and everybody wants to come together to do something," she said. "Whatever way that you can, whatever way that it means something to you, work together within your small community to make sure that you are making a change and making a difference for your children." 
Taylor said opponents should take a step back. 
"Take a look at our perspective," Taylor said. "Take a look at people who are my age that are dying." 
Erickson said she plans on starting a club at Rock Bridge High School to keep the momentum moving in a positive direction.