Marchers demand an investigation into President Trump

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JEFFERSON CITY - About 40 people gathered Saturday night to urge an investigation into President Trump's possible ties to Russia.

They marched across the Jefferson City Bridge to symbolize crossing over troubled waters, and ended at Noren Access along the Missouri River where groups organized a “Light of Democracy” rally.

Organizer Sara Mangan said this is not just a Democrat versus Republican issue, it's a national problem.

“If there was in fact collusion with a foreign government, that’s treason,” she said. “That is a crime against our country and regardless of how you feel about the president that should alarm every citizen.”

Life coach Larry Brown said as a conservative, he can still relate to other views. He said it's important to be open minded and unbiased. 

“I have to say no to people who have a disdain for the truth,” Brown said. 

The rally ended with a candlelight vigil. Brown led the crowd in singing “This Land is Our Land” and people released glowing lanterns into the river as a symbol of world peace.