Marcus Lucas: Improving his Game in Big Ways

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COLUMBIA - Marcus Lucas always knew he would end up wearing black and gold for the Tigers. The 6' 5" sophomore wide receiver from Liberty High School graduate had plans to play for the Tigers ever since he first played organized football.

"I started playing football 6th, 7th grade," said Marcus, "and I just knew I was going to play football for the Missouri Tigers." 

Marcus' mom, Monique Lucas, played basketball at Missouri in the late 1980's.

Marcus said, "I heard it a lot from my Uncle's.  People back in St. Joe where she's from and where I was born, talking about just how good my mom was. I've gotten beat many times in one on one when I was younger against my mom or shooting competitions."

Marcus says he can beat his mom now, but she's still teaching him lessons.

"I've been listening to her since I was really little. She taught me determination, work ethic and everything like that," Marcus said.

Marcus has other influences aside from his mom. He would like to follow the success of a former Tiger receiver, a player some say he resembles, Danario Alexander.

"I messaged him and he just kind of told me it's the work you put in and it was cool to hear a little feedback," said Marcus. "You just try to learn from that, add that to your game and add your own style to that."

A style his mom started teaching him years ago.

"Whevenever I come here or have another coach in high school tell me something, it's like I've heard this before. Where? My mom. It's always been me and her. We've had a couple dogs, a cat, but other than that, it's been me and her," Marcus said.

Marcus has seven catches for 121 yards and one touchdown so far this season for the Tigers.