Marine Parents Send Packages Overseas

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COLUMBIA - The Marine Parents organization in Columbia along with around 100 volunteers prepared and sent off nearly 1,000 care packages to marines in Afghanistan on Sunday.  They're called "birthday boxes" to celebrate the Marine Corps' birthday on Nov. 10th.

The packages include items like twinkies with a birthday napkin, thank-you cards, snacks and toothbrushes. Volunteers range from local boy scouts to mothers of marines. 

"Literally probably a thousand hands have touched these boxes that go out today because everything's donated from around the country," founder and executive director of Marine Parents Tracy Della Vecchia said.

The group prepared the boxes using an assembly line on Saturday morning and completed all the packages by lunch time.  The birthday boxes were loaded directly into postal trucks that will take them to the airport Sunday afternoon and then the packages will be on their way.

"The best part of this is bringing together families that really no one understands what it's like to have a marine deployed overseas," Della Vecchia said.

If you would like to get involved click here, or if you want to donate to the cause click here.