Marley the puppy with juvenile diabetes

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BOONVILLE — Marley, a 3-month-old puppy, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes late October, days before National Diabetes Month.

The Second Chance animal center in Boonville rescued Marley in mid-October. Marley was initially adopted, but was soon returned once the family learned about her condition.

“She found a great family, but during her sleepover, she started having lots of accidents. Thinking she had a possible urinary tract infection, we took her to the vet. What we found out is that our Marley has juvenile diabetes,” a Facebook post from Second Chance said.

Kathleen McKinney, the executive director of Second Chance, said it fully supports that family’s decision. Marley needs two shots a day that cost about 60 dollars each month. She also needs to see the veterinarian regularly to monitor her condition, specially as she grows into adulthood. These were costs the family was not aware they had to make.

It was difficult to spot the disease in Marley because she is so energetic. Most puppies with diabetes tend to be lethargic, but McKinney said Marley is the opposite.

“We were surprised when she was diagnosed, because she was so active; she’s just like any other puppy,” McKinney said.

“You can see she’s very skinny, that’s because of the diabetes; it will actually do her good to not be that active,” she said.

Caitlin Christopher, a board member of Second Chance, said diabetes in dogs has become more common in recent years. Juvenile diabetes, however, is still a rare disease for puppies.

Although Marley is getting treated for her condition, there is no indication how long she will live. McKinney said it is hard to know how long Marley has, and medical professionals have not speculated.

Second Chance created a fundraiser to raise money in support of Marley’s health and more information is on its Facebook page.