MASFAP celebrates 50 years

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MOBERLY - The Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Personnel (MASFAP) is celebrating 50 years of providing greater access to higher education for Missouri students.

"Our students need us, and we need to be the voice for our students," MASFAP 2017 President Amy Hager said. "We talk and discuss how to administer financial aid."

Hager said it's very impressive this year marks a half century for MASFAP.

"It's exciting to know we've been strong enough to sustain the test of time," she said. "We continue to grow stronger."

Hager, who is also the financial aid director for Moberly Area Community College, said one of her favorite parts of the job is the student success stories.

"It can kind of make you a little emotional sometimes when you think of those people," she said.

MASFAP chose to honor five success stories for its 50th anniversary, one per decade.

"One of our stories is a student who had been incarcerated and found that there were some programs they could take while they were incarcerated," Hager said. "When they got out, they went and pursued and completed their degree. Now they're giving back to their community."

MASFAP is hosting a FAFSA completion workshop on Oct. 28 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Moberly Area Community College's Columbia campus. The workshop will include financial aid 101 sessions.

"Students or families can come in and ask questions to a panel of different financial aid professionals," Hager said.

There will also be a "Fight for Financial Aid" rally on Nov. 6, where people can share why they choose to fight for financial aid.

"There are dramatic cuts that are being threatened at the federal level," Hager said about financial aid. "We're gonna let everybody have the opportunity to say 'I fight'."

The rally will be at the Lodge of Four Seasons at 3:30 p.m.