Maymie Eaton

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COLUMBIA - Maymie Eaton has been with the Midway One-Stop Diner for four decades.

"I've been here 44 years now; well, 40 since Bob and Donna bought it," Eaton said.

Eaton celebrated 40 years of service for the diner Thursday. Donna Becktold, the Midway One-Stop Diner's owner, said Eaton's been keeping customers coming back for 40 years.

"People literally come in just to see Maymie and they ask to be seated in Maymie's section. You don't get that all the time," Becktold said.

One of Eaton's regulars, Larry Rizner, has been coming to see her since the late 80's.

"If she does it, it's going to be done right," Rizner said.

Eaton said the diner has become like a home to her, and her customers are like her family.

"It's wonderful I've just met some many wonderful people, and I really just love my customers," she said.

Eaton said she plans to continue working, and joked she might be celebrating 50 years in the industry very soon.