Mayor Presents 2013 Budget to Council

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JEFFERSON CITY - Mayor Eric J. Struemph presented his budget proposal for the fiscal year of 2013 to the Jefferson City Council Monday evening. Though in its preliminary stages, the budget highlighted main ideas for improved infrastructure and to streamline Jefftran, the Jefferson City Transit system.

The mayor said he would like to merge two of the transit routes together to make the bus use more efficient. Michelle Gleba, communications manager, said because the budget was in preliminary stages, the mayor had yet to nail down which routes he would like to merge.

The infrastructure projects proposed in the budget include:

  • A right turn lane on southbound Stadium at Edgewood
  • New sidewalk connection on Stadium Boulevard from Satinwood to Lynwood
  • Angled parking on the west side of Clay Street
  • attachment to River Pedestrian Bridge
  • New sidewalk connection on Southwest Boulevard from Missouri Boulevard to sidewalk and Greenway at Wears Creek (along Schuncks property)
  • New sidewalk on Vieth Drive from Southridge to Plymouth Rock
  • New sidewalks on Eastland Drive from Hwy. 50/60 Interchange to Bald Hill Road
  • Storm Sewer replacement and new storm sewer construction on Southern Aire and Airview Drive
  • Neighborhood Imporvement Project- Sidewalk and curb replacement on Moreland Avenue

Gelba called Monday's presentation symbolic of the work that will be done in the future.

The city council is expected to approve the budget by September 17, 2012. Before then, a public hearing will be held to hear residents input on the changes.