Mayor prposes audit

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COLUMBIA - The city is considering an additional audit of Columbia. Every year an audit takes place to make sure the city is spending money the way it said it would, but calls for transparency are leading to the idea of another outside audit.

City council member, Michael Trapp, said some residents distrust city government, but an audit might change that.

“I believe the root of people’s perception that the city is setting up piles of cash and doesn’t need new revenue to pay for increased fire and police services,” Trapp said.

He said even though the mayor is proposing the audit, he believes it is not necessary.

“I don’t believe it’s necessary. We have an independent financial audit, I think it would be more effective if city leadership spoke with one voice and talk about how we spend money,” Trapp said.

However, he said he will support asking the auditor to examine finances if that means it will make residents of Columbia feel more at ease.

“If a request to the auditor for a reasonable amount of money can make that happen, then I would be supportive of that,” Trapp said.

A Columbia resident, Trent Dudenhoeffer, said the audit would help with clarity between the city and the residents.

“It is nice to be able to as a citizen be able to see what and where money is being spent,” Dudenhoeffer said. “It is nice for us to have that reassurance to know exactly where it’s going; however, the expense it’s going to take with adding a third party to it it might be expensive,” he said.

In order for the city to move forward on the proposed audit, the city council will have to vote on it.

The next city council meeting to discuss the advancement of the proposal will be March 5.