Mayor\'s Council Plans Fitness Walking Program

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COLUMBIA - The Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health had its first meeting Tuesday for a new fitness walking program. A subcommittee has been established with six members who hope to begin the program in late February. Funds will come from the Columbia Parks and Recreation department  The walking group will meet every other weekend so families can get involved.

Columbia has many clubs for runners, and the committee hopes to spark the same interest in using walking as a means to stay healthy. The meetings will be free to the public, and at a different location each time.

The committee plans to have a backup plan for when outdoor conditions are less than ideal for a walk. "We're looking for an alternative location, possibly the ARC, maybe the mall, somewhere like that so there's an indoor location in case of inclement weather." said Paula Vandelicht, a council member.  

As the bi-weekly events continue, routine walkers may be able to earn "100 mile" shirts when they reach the walking goal.

The committee has a Facebook page where it will post updates as the plan comes together.