Mayor\'s Task Force Member\'s House Gets Burglarized

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COLUMBIA - Mayor Task Force Member Chris Campbell has his home broken into and burglarized over the Holiday weekend.

 Campbell said his house was broken into on Saturday November, 30 2013, during a family outing.

He says the house was broken into between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when they arrived.

Campbell said his was say a brick in the house, and looked up to see his back door completely shattered.

He said his neighbors said they didn't hear or see anything.

Campbell said his wife and him have always felt safe in the neighborhood, and sometimes didn't feel the need to lock their doors.

He said this incident has caused them to now live in constant fear.

"I've never experienced this. It makes me feel violated. It makes me feel like we've been raped. It makes me not sleep easily especially knowing that this guys still out here," said Campbell.

He said the burglar didn't steal anything but a DVD Player and DVD's. Campbell said he got a tip from neighbors that someone was going around the neighborhood a couple blocks down selling DVD's.

Campbell decided to take matter into his own hands.

He said they found who they think was someone selling DVD's on Hackberry that same Saturday. Campbell said they caught up and held him there until authorities arrived.

Campbell said they received a call from the Police saying they investigated the burglars house and they told him they found other stolen items at the man's house.

KOMU 8 tried contacting the Boony County Sheriff's department, but they refused to comment on an open investigation.

Campbell plans to bring up this issue at a Mayor's Task Force meeting on Wednesday.