Mayor\'s Task Force to make recommendations Monday

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COLUMBIA - The Mayors Task Force on Community Violence will wrap up Wednesday at their final meeting. 

At the meeting members will be telling the public recommendations they will present to the city. Many of the recommendations include asking the police department or the city to expand some programs and, in some cases make new ones. 

"Our recommendations are rooted in the local conditions, reflect research and best practices and share the support of a broad cross section of Columbia," Councilman and co-chair of the task force Michael Trapp said. "Since Laura Nauser and I served on both the Task Force and City Council we will champion various recommendations which require City action as is most appropriate."

The task force has put all of its recomendations onto four pillars;

  1. Prevention
  2. Intervention
  3. Enforcement 
  4. Re-Entry
Under these umbrella terms they are making recomendations that deal with violent criminals in Columbia. All of their recomendations aim to help the person, the city and the community.
"It's a diverse group of folks who all have a lot of talent and enthusiasm for making Columbia better," Trapp said. "In spite of our different backgrounds we were able to reach a consensus on how we should move forward."

The meeting is at 5:30 p.m. Wednesaday in the council chambers. The task force has talked about meeting as citizens after the commission is finished to follow up on their recommendations.