Mayoral candidate Skip Walther says he will focus on cooperation

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COLUMBIA – Skip Walther said he is running for mayor because he loves Columbia and thinks he can make a difference.

“I’m not running for mayor because I have an agenda or intend to represent any special interest group or specific group of people,” Walther said.

One of the issues he said he wants to focus on is putting a stop to fighting about every issue that arises.

“My goal is to create a more collaborative and inclusive government where we listen to each other and work together and solve problems rather than bicker and fight with each other,” Walther said.

If elected, Walther said he wants to focus on these issues that he thinks the city has not been able to do because of population growth:

  • Transportation 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Roads and sidewalks 
  • Outdated sewer systems

“Unfortunately we are trying to address it with a budget that isn’t large enough. Part of the reason for that is the Internet sales aren’t taxed and we’re losing sales tax. That’s about $10 million per year we’re not getting because of Internet sales,” Walther said.

Walther said his leadership style is what sets him apart from his opponent, Brian Treece. (See our candidate profile of Brian Treece.)

“My leadership style is to work with people cooperatively rather than antagonistically,” Walther said.

Walther said he has served in a variety of leadership roles including 37 years of practicing law, Missouri Bar President and being a member of the CID and SBD boards.

The mayoral position includes a $9,000 stipend for whomever is elected.

Walther added that a good chunk of his campaign spending has come from the roughly 321 donations he has received thus far.

“It’s not about the money at all obviously. Nobody runs for city council because of the pay and people don’t contribute to the city council for monetary gain,” Walther said.