MBS Textbooks Symposium Showcases Technology Use

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COLUMBIA -Owning a bookstore is much more than selling books, and more than 300 book enthusiasts from across the country learned the latest tricks of the trade.

The MBS Systems User Symposium kicked off Tuesday, and representatives from MBS Textbooks expect the annual convention to teach bookstores about new retail technology and its products. MBS primarily serves college bookstores. This is the symposium's eighth year.

Along with demonstrations of cash register systems, social media representatives encouraged guests to use Twitter and Facebook to promote textbook deals at their stores. Social Media Coordinator Stephanie Schaefer said bookstores could use social media to promote in-store purchases, instead of students buying books on Amazon.com or other online retailers. Schaefer also said the MBS social media team hopes to encourage older generations to use social media.

MBS Vice President David Henderson also said MBS hopes to keep up with growing demand for online books and textbooks available on e-readers. Despite this, students are most concerned about buying the cheapest books. This usually means buying used or renting textbooks.

The symposium continues through Thursday at the Holiday Inn Executive Center.