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JEFFERSON CITY - Federal health care has sparked controversy in the past few years. The new health reform law was signed back in 2010. Many republicans are campaigning to repeal the law. In the meantime, democrats are defending it. With a little more than a month till voters hit the polls, senate candidates, Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill are butting heads again.

In a recent debate, McCaskill and Akin expressed their opinions on the health care policy. McCaskill voted for the bill and continues to support it. While Akin voted against it and hopes to repeal the law. Current Senator, Claire McCaskill defended the reform.

"I supported the affordable care act because the law will help to keep long-term health care costs down, promote preventative care that is so important to keeping folks healthy," said McCaskill.

Senate Candidate, Todd Akin responded saying,"I support full repeal of Obamacare because I don't think the federal government should insert itself between the doctors and patients. I do think that covering pre-existing conditions make sense."

During this campaign season, the two have been at odds. Last week, Akin criticized McCaskill during a debate, saying she was "un-ladylike." The 2012 elections for the gubernatorial candidates are November 6th.