McCaskill/Biden Rally in Bridgeton

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BRIDGETON - Wednesday's get-out-the-vote rally sparked chants and loud applause in support of former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

Biden spent the day in the St. Louis area campaigning for the incumbent senator. He talked about his own relationship with McCaskill and urged Missourians to trust her.

“I’m so, so supportive of Claire," he said. "Whether she’s running or not, when we work together on the senate and she, like me, understands our political opponents are not our enemies."

Biden stressed the importance of unity in today's political climate.

“The press is not the enemy of the people, and before we are Democrats, Republicans or Independents, we are Americans,” Biden said.

McCaskill told her supporters a recent Fox News report claimed she and her Republican opponent Josh Hawley are now tied in expected votes. She said she spoke to voters who may not have supported her originally.

“I know this is not about me," she said. "I know this is about every single one of you and your families and your friends, and it’s about a fight worth fighting, and a battle worth winning."

Debbie Kitchen, a McCaskill supporter, wrote “Claire U.S. Senate” on the window of her car. She was one of the first people in line for the rally. She told KOMU 8 News she wants Democrats to use this rally as motivation to spread McCaskill’s goals.

“I am excited I am thrilled that Biden is here today," she said. "I hope all Democrats come, and that we rally to get the energy up to hit the doors these last few days, and get this vote out."

Biden's visit to the St. Louis area came one day before President Donald Trump's Thursday rally in Columbia. The president will campaign on behalf of Hawley.