McCaskill Launches Ad Mentioning Akin\'s Rape Remark

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COLUMBIA - With six weeks remaining until the November election, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill launched a new ad attacking Akin's campaign Tuesday. The ad marked the first time McCaskill has addressed Akin's remark about "legitimate rape" in an ad. McCaskill has cited his comments about other issues in the past. The ad shows a calendar and lists dates for Akin's comments on social security, medicare, minimum wage and student loans. It ends with the narrator saying "And, on August 19, Todd Akin said only some rapes are legitimate. What will he say next?"

Tuesday was the final day for Senate candidates to drop out of the race. Despite talk of Akin leaving, the representative held a press conference in St. Louis Tuesday to stamp his name on the ballot. Press Secretary of the Akin campaign Ryan Hite said, "As he has said the past several days and today, he does not expect to step out of the race. He will see this though to November."

Akin has repeatedly apologized and rejected calls from top Republicans asking him to quit the senate race. Akin now has the support of former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Akin's campaign office says Akin's montery support will continue to increase.

However, Senator Claire McCaskill's campaign spokesperson said, "We have no control over the money that could or could not come back in to Akin's campaign, but we are confident that Claire is going to have the opportunity to make the case to Missouri of why she is the senator on their side."

During a news conference in St. Louis today, he said "I have one purpose going into November, and that's replacing Claire McCaskill."

Hite said Akin will make stops in Joplin and Springfield later this week.