McCaskill Waits Tables at Flat Branch Pub

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COLUMBIA - U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill took her re-election effort to a new location Tuesday, waitressing at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing. However, this wasn't McCaskill's first time to put on the apron. McCaskill worked as a waitress through law school.

"It's like riding a bike," McCaskill said as she served food to customers. 

"One thing has changed, though. When I did this, you had to have good penmanship and you had to know the abbreviations because you wrote out the ticket and put it directly on the line. Now, you have this nifty computer that you just punch in and it all gets printed. So, I'd be even faster today," McCaskill said.

After the shift, McCaskill talked with residents and the press about her economic policies and emphasized programs like student loans, Medicare and Social Security, and the minimum wage. McCaskill said her experiences have taught her the importance of those programs for working families. 

"I was a single mom, waiting to pick up my dry cleaning until I got my paycheck. So, I do understand that people are frustrated and many are frightened about making sure that our economy continues to grow and get more healthy," McCaskill said. "It makes a difference and the last thing we need be to doing is pulling the rug out from under them with either upsetting Medicare or Social Security or minimum wage or a basic like equal pay for equal work, student loans. These are bread and butter kind of issues."

McCaskill's opponent in the upcoming senatorial election Todd Akin provided a statement that outlines the differences in his own economic policies and McCaskill's. The statement said Akin opposes Obama's health care plan, wants to eliminate red tape on businesses, and does not support Obama's stimulus plan.