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COLUMBIA - Missouri business leaders gathered on MU's campus Friday to have lunch with Senator Claire McCaskill and to ask questions about issues that affect them. 

"It's not just a matter of moving around but it's also making sure you're working to hear different voices about what Missourians want to see you do in Washington on their behalf," McCaskill said.

McCaskill opened the conversation with remarks on the government shutdown and hopes for the future.

"Last weekend the middle muscled up," McCaskill said.

"There were between 12 republicans and between 12 and 14 democrats who came together and said let's figure this out."

She said the agreement meant that Americans had something to look forward to.

"Now there's a glimmer of hope that we will continue down this path."

McCaskill answered questions about sales taxes on online goods, local infrastructure and broadband Internet for rural communites. 

"It's very difficult to create jobs for healthcare and education and all the different topics if you do not have access to high speed internet," McCaskill said.

She also touched on the opioid epidemic.

"My piece has been focusing on is the first ever investigation of the sales and marketing of opioids across this country," McCaskill said.

Matt McCormick is the president of Columbia Chamber of Commerce. 

"We do four of these a year and we have everywhere from local to state to national leaders that we bring in," McCormick said. 

The "Lunch with a Leader" event is a part of a broader effort by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce to connect the business community with Missouri's leaders. 

"It's that same opportunity to give our business community a chance to talk and maybe have a chance to have those conversations that they don't always get to have," McCaskill said.

In terms of the future, Senator McCaskill has her eyes set on what comes next.

"If we can get out of a political food fight, we can reassure America that we can get things done."