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MOBERLY - The city of Moberly lifted its boil advisory Friday night, two days after a water main busted, which caused significant outages.

"Customers may resume all normal uses of the water," a press release said.

The repair of the water main on Sturgeon Street was completed around 1 p.m., the city said.

"We thank the community for their understanding and support as we worked to restore service to our customers," the press release said, "We understand that this has been a disruption in the daily lives of many people and the industries and businesses in our community."

City crews flushed the water mains as they tested chlorine residuals and tried to pull water through the system. Crews opened fire hydrants in order to increase flow through the water mains while pulling fresh water into the furthest parts of the system. 

Officials say they have switched to chlorine from chloramines temporarily to allow for faster disinfection should it be needed in the distribution system. The city said the water may have a stronger-than-usual odor of chlorine for a while.

Residents might see discolored water but it should go away after running the faucets for a while.

Moberly residents are reflecting on how the city handled the issue.

"First thing I heard about it was on the news, the news channels. The Columbia news channels. They said there was a news alert about it," said Marjorie Seger, a resident of Moberly. 

Seger has lived in Moberly for the last nine years and says she's never seen water issues like this that affect the whole city.

When she heard about the water outage just a few days ago, she was worried. 

"I was concerned because I had just got done doing laundry and taking a shower and everything because I did that right before I heard the news alert," she said. 

Seger said having to boil water to drink was "really hard."

"I've been really careful about doing that. It's just doing that extra step to be careful," she said. "I don't mind doing it because I don't want to get sick or anything."

Seger said she appreciates the city for getting the news out early.

Kelsey Jeffries, who's lived in Moberly her whole life, also said she thought the city handled the situation well. 

"I heard about it on Facebook. The city of Moberly has some good postings on there, a lot of information about what was going on. They definitely kept us really informed with what the issue was and what they were doing to fix it," she said.

Although she doesn't have children of her own, Jeffries said the school district had a good response to the water outage. 

"I think they ended up spending that day getting supplies and water for the students and the teachers and all the staff and they were able to come up with a good supply for the kids at school," Jeffries said.

Seger agreed.

"They didn't let it go and they've been taking care of the schools with the bottled water and that's the main thing taking care of the kids first. With going to school you don't want them so get sick."