MDC proposes a ban on hog hunting on conservation land

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is working to ban hog hunting on conservation land. 

According to the MDC's webstie, feral hogs are highly destructive to Missouri's landscape. Damage caused by hogs has been estimated at nearly $1.5 billion per year in the United States.

Feral hogs are highly adaptable and plentiful breeders. Today, feral hog populations are established in 30 Missouri Counties.

However, the Conservation Department discourages hunting feral hogs. The MDC said it is working on trapping or killing entire groups of feral hogs, and the hog hunters ruins these efforts. 

The MDC said hunters make the mistake shooting one or two hogs, and the rest of the hogs around them scatter. This makes it more diffiult to catch the entire group at once.

On Jan. 22, the MDC recommended changes to the Wildlife Code of Missouri that would prohibit hog hunting on lands owned by the conservation.

A 30-day public comment period for this proposal will run from April 2 through May 1. The anticipated effective date for the regulation change wll be Sept. 30.