Meals on Wheels Hit Roads During Storm

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COLUMBIA - Snow, school closings and a state of emergency didn't stop Columbia's Meals on Wheels program from hitting the roads Thursday.

Executive Director JoNetta Weaver enlisted 18 families and individuals to deliver meals to people in Columbia who have difficulty getting out of their homes.

"They are people who really can't get out of their homes so us bringing a good, nutritious meal to them makes their life a better place," Weaver said.

Tina DeClue left work early, but she didn't take a snow day. Instead she came to volunteer.

"I'm happy to help. I can't stand the idea that there might be people who won't get meals today, so whatever I need to do to make that happen," DeClue said.

DeClue's husband tagged along, and her son spent his day off from 5th grade with his family helping out.

This is all three of the DeClues' first time volunteering for Meals on Wheels.

"I'm hoping that they know there may not be people who touch their lives everyday, but there are people who would do anything for them to have food in this horrible weather," DeClue said.

Once Weaver got everyone out the door with their routes, maps and meals her day wasn't even close to over.

About five minutes after the last person was out the door, Weaver got a phone call from one volunteer stuck in the snow.

The volunteers braved the roads and slowly but surely delivered a total of 100 meals.

Meals and Wheels has announced it will not be providing meals on Friday, but people in the program have been also given frozen meals for reserves.

For information about how to volunteer or donate to Meals on Wheels click here.