Mechanics Advise Checking Cars Before Holiday Trips

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COLUMBIA - Car mechanics said Wednesday before checking out for the holiday weekend, it may be a good idea to check under the hood of your car. Checking oil, windshield wipers and fluid, and tire pressure can increase safety during travel.

Greg Foutch, general manager of All Star Automotive in Columbia, said "Many drivers have no idea about the conditions under their cars hood which can cause a safety hazard while traveling."

Columbia resident Charles Koelling took his car to All Star Automotive to get his winter special, which includes an oil change, tire rotation, and installation of new windshield wipers. Koelling isn't traveling this weekend, but said "it is important for drivers to keep an eye on things like that because otherwise if you get on the highway and something drastic happens and then your in big trouble."

Since gas prices are low, there will be an increase in traveling by car this season. MODOT engineer Mike Schupp suggests drivers plan their routes using the agency's website to see what roads are closed.

Also to ensure that drivers get to their destinations easily, MODOT has postponed any minor work on roads. To maximize time and minimize danger, MoDOT said to be sure to check your car and and maps before leaving the house and avoid distractions behind the wheel.

Schupp said, "Remember to leave in plenty of time and don't text and drive or drink and drive. Also if your windshield wipers are on then your headlights are too."