Medals4Mettle Medal Drive

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COLUMBIA - On Sunday July 1, the Columbia chapter of the charity Medals4Mettle is calling runners to donate their marathon and half marathon finisher's medals to those running a different kind of race.

The charity collect medals and gives them to those battling illness or trauma as a way to encourage them to keep fighting the good fight.

"We pay it forward, we present them to people in the hospital or out in the community who are running their own race, challenging disease or accident or condition," volunteer John Korte said.

Korte's 11-year-old son Josiah is the Columbia Medals4Mettle chapter's coordinator. Josiah is a tri-athlete. He said in hard times, encouragement is a great way to help endurance. 

"You have to have endurance to get through the race and it's really hard to run,"  Josiah said. "Even when you want to quit and give up, you don't because you know you can finish and you're able to do it and you just have to believe in yourself."
John Korte agrees.
"It's a way for the running community to give back and help brighten the day of somebody, to show them that they're running a harder race than we ever ran," he said.   
Josiah encourages people to come and donate their medals because when they do, everyone wins.
"I feel like it's just a very heartwarming thing for both the recipient and the person who's donating it because being able to see them and their raw emotions that happen when we donate it just is everything it's worth doing," he said.
The medal drive will take place from noon to 4:00 p.m. Cash donations are also accepted.