Mediacom customers experience Internet issues after power outage

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COLUMBIA - There are some people who now have power but still don't have Internet as of Wednesday evening. Dixie Ferguson is one of them.

Ferguson is a customer of Mediacom and her landlines have been out since 11 p.m. Tuesday night. Ferguson said she called the company, and Mediacom could not give a time estimate to when her Internet and phone lines will return. 

Mediacom Communications Director Phyllis Peters said although the main system of Mediacom is running one area was hit the hardest.

"The main area where there's still the more concentrated area of concern is an area around Broadway and Stadium. That is an area where our main fiber power had the most significant damage, our main network line," said Peters.

Peters said the work in some areas can't be done yet, since commercial power companies are still working.

"The commercial power companies, their crews get precedence. They have to clear the area. They have to, in some cases, put poles back up, restore lines, get electrical power back up and running." 

Peters said there are several situations customers may be experiencing.

"If a home doesn't have its electrical power then its MediaCom services won't be working," Peters said. "We can't totally assess everything until people have their power back on. The second situation is pretty scattered. It involves what we call drops. That's the last segment of cable line that comes into the home and when it's dropped to the ground, often due to branches or limbs that have come down, or even in some cases just by the force of strong winds."

Peters said when customers see the drops, they can call Mediacom and report the issue. Peters said extra teams beyond Columbia are brought in and working on the issue to restore the dropped lines. Although Mediacom workers are working on the issue, it does not have an estimated time for the more damaged areas or an estimated number on how many are affected.